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Submitted on
May 11, 2013


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If you'd like 3000 points for free, then view this journal ! uwu

So yet again, I have sooo many points, nd I can't find a way to spend them (because no one's opened for commissions), Im gonna give them away so if you'd like these 3000 points then do the following c:

1) Make a journal about this (linking to this journal)

2) Post a comment linking me to the journal you wrote 

3) Watch me

4) Favorite this journal

Check out my Tumblr? I use it more than I do dA c:

Also if you have anything rude to say about this please take your comments elsewhere. These are /my/ points that are being /given/ away, not yours. If I ask for someone to be watched, then that's just an entry "fee" you could say, and that's okay because it's my giveaway.
I have no idea when the deadline is because I made the giveaway when I had 3000+ points, but I spent some, so now I have to get back the points, so bare with me. Please don't ask for my transaction history, how much I have, etc, because those are personal things.</b>
  • Mood: Llama
  • Listening to: Monsters - Matchbook Romance
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